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  "Just a Silly Robot"
      by Igor Ljubuncic

  "The New Curse of the Monkey Fountain"
      by Martha A. Hood

       by Johnny Caputo

  "The Dell"
Jarred Martin

Alex Rezdan

      by Anna Hennessey

  "No One Dies in the End"
      by Brian Hedge

  "The Lure "
      by Chantal Boudreau

  "Damn Demon "
      by Dakota Hommes

  "The Secret of the Maygores"
      Matt Fuchs

  "The Barter"
      by Edgar Adams
  "#YOLO Emerson"
      by J.G. Formato

  "Short Story: "Jaume and the Dragons"
      by Terek Hopkins

  "Novel Preview: BROKEN CHORDS"
      by Jessica Bayliss

      by Ty Drago

  "Novelette Preview: THE WRITING
      by Kelly Ferjutz

  "Novel Preview: CRYSTAL ILLUSIONS"
      by J.E. Taylor

  "Novel Preview: THAT ROOM AT
      by Kelly Ferjutz


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is a not-for-profit, bi-annual online publication of fiction and non-fiction. Any opinion expressed by any guest authors or other non-staff contributors do not necessarily represent those of the editors

Accessing Archived Issues


This issue marks the first time that Allegory has offered archived issues for download. These are complete issues, setup as bookmarked PDF files. Individual stories or articles are not being made available at this time. Also at this time, no issues from the Peridot Books era are being offered. That may change with time.

Archived issues cost $2 US each. This goes toward offsetting the rising cost of running this e-zine. It marks the first time we've ever charged anyone for anything.

Ordering is easy. It can be done by check via snail mail or, for a faster option, PayPal and email.

Ordering the slow way:

  • Make checks payable to Ty Drago - Allegory. The price is $2 US per issue.
  • Clearly specify which issue(s) you want, and make sure to include an email address to which the PDF files can be mailed. The PDF files run about 1.5 megabytes, so make sure your email provider will accept that large a file.
  • Send the check to:
Ty Drago, Managing Editor
P.O. Box 2714
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

I expect to act on snail-mailed requests very quickly, but give me a week or so in a pinch. I promise not to run off with your two bucks.

Ordering the FAST way:
  • If you don't have a PayPal account, you can look into getting one here.
  • In PayPal, address the payment to "".
  • Under "Amount", enter the total amount in $2 increments.
  • Select the "Goods" option under "Send money for:"
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  • On the next screen, enter your payment information.
  • Click SEND MONEY

    I should respond to PayPal requests within 48 hours.

If there are any questions, comments (or criticism) about the process, please feel free to contact us at

Available Issues

Titles in RED will be withheld from the archived issue at the author's request.
Title in BLUE indicate that the author has not yet responded.
These stories may be added to the issue later.

ALLEGORY - Volume 1/28 - Fall, 2006
The Face Jeremy Schliewe
Leo L.A. Willis
The Assurance Man Ty Drago
Unfathomable Mark Joseph Kiewlak
In Time Harvey K. Slade
Entropy J Alan Erwine
Thursday's Children Lawrence R. Dagstine
Blood for Oil Abra Staffin Wiebe
The Dying Wish Rhona Westerbrook
No...You're NOT in the Wrong Place! Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 2/29 - Winter, 2006

Dreams of Earth Amanda M. Hayes
Lost Girls Tom Olbert
The Music on the Wind Ty Drago
The Search for Heaven David Shaw
Seagull and Raven Kate MacLeod
Game Over Todd Thorne
Eviction Notice Tina M. Crone
The Informer Mike Driver
Service Call Russell H. Krauss
E-Publishing: The Struggle Continues Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 3/30 - Spring/Summer, 2007

When the Frogs Sing Corie Ralston
The Arachnid Meme Marshall Payne
The Hunted Ty Drago
Jimmy Alstrup's Christmas Dev Jarrett
The Sphinx and Ernest Hemmingway Wade Ogletree
Burdens Stuart Jaffe
Hot Pursuit Adrian Simmons
Any Port in a Storm Jeremy Schliewe
Epublishing (article) G.W. Thomas
Human Intuition Linda S. Cambier
Deep End Kevin Doyle
A Fond Farewell to an Old Friend Ty Drago
E-Publishing: Another Option G.W. Thomas

ALLEGORY - Volume 4/31 - Fall, 2007

The Language of Vision Jonathan Rollins
Everybody's Doing It Fraser Sherman
Winding Down Ty Drago
Alien Oblation Kim McDougall
Famished Elaine Pascale
To Serve the Wheel Michael J. DeLuca
Monster, You've Been Replaced Janelle Garcia
Stolen From and By Herself David Reagan
The Ties that Bind Amanda M. Hayes
The State of Publishing in These Modern Times Ty Drago
The Best Little Bookstore in Pennsylvania Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 5/32 - Winter, 2007

The Forgotten Martin Turton
Junk Drawer Ami Chopin
Arrows Ty Drago
As Books Do Jessica Kaiser
A Question of Freedom J.C. Tabler
Astraea's Return James Hart
Fortune's Favor Tony Williams
Flipping Unlucky Devin Miller
Big Brave Rita Corie Ralston
A Man Called "Q" Kelly Ferjutz
"Rejections, Romance & Royalties" by Laura Resnick
Kelly Ferjutz

ALLEGORY - Volume 6/33 - Spring/Summer, 2008

The New Jacket Mary J. Daley
Cataclysm Patricia Denehy
Shadowself Ty Drago
The Magenta Equations J Alan Erwine
The Loaner Son Mike Fincher
The Sparrow Patrick Hurley
The Widow and the Stranger Erin Kinch
Icarus Breathes Fire Erynn Aiello
The Way Home Gary Cuba
Allegory: 10 Years and Counting Ty Drago
The OTHER Writings of Ty Drago Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 7/34 - Fall, 2008

Pan, the Pirate Christopher Schmitz
The Dreadful Guise of Red Berries Catherine J. Gardner
The Tomorrow Tree Ty Drago
Ghost Writer Tom Underhill
A Sense of Time and Place Michael A. Heald
The Accidental Mime Jenna Waterford
My War Igor Teper
11 Roland Allnach
One Blink for Yes Margaret Karmazin
An Interview With Fantasy Author Robin Hobb Carol Green
Being a Backspacer Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 8/35 - Winter, 2008

Universal Lies Dean Grondo
The Apex Runner John A. Karr
Gertrude the Great Adam Smith
Walking to Cape Canaveral Kent McDaniel
Rubber Mask Man Scott Emerson Bull
Stone and Fire Isabel Kunkle
Afternoon Tea Kristen Lee Knapp
If These Wall Could Speak Lindsey Duncan
The Right Fetish Sharon Reamer
The Assurance Man Ty Drago
The Gentle Art of Archiving Ty Drago
The Opportunities Found in Rejection Roy A. Barnes

ALLEGORY - Volume 9/36 - Spring/Summer, 2009

Ain't Gonna Dig No More J.C. Tabler
The Intervention Michael Andreoni
Landfill of Wingless Children Jennifer Linnaea
Mortar Attack Adam Armstrong
The Kindness of Strangers Martin Turton
Signs over the Pacific RJ Astruc
Pit Stops Philip Roberts
Throwin' Dem Bones AJ Brown
Samaritan Ty Drago
An Interview with the cast of Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire (with review) Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 10/37 - Fall, 2009

Sweet Breath Lenora Farrington-Sarrouf
Green Meagan Engelhardt
My Interview with Teddy Blake Swensen
The Price You Pay Michelle D. Sonnier
One More Time Cecil Adkins
Mass Consumption Steve Lowe
The Breath of Life Eric J. Krause
Rob Zombie is Undead James Park
Conduit Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 11/38 - Winter, 2010

Anything for Blood John J. Barnes
A Rotted Bouquet and a Silver Wedding Ring Dawson Goodell
The Year of the Bear Kristin Janz
Subway Survey Michael Young
Doctrine Jerrod Cotosman
The Ferry Girl Jaelithe Ingold
A Drink at Trale's End D. Thomas
Lenny "Two Shelds" McGrew Ryan Kinkor
The Writer's Toolbox: The Naming of Names Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Reflections of Amontillado Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 12/39 - Spring/Summer, 2010

Desolation Springs Eternal Frank Summers
Fair and Square Mark Lee Pearson
Coffee Talk Nick Gonzales
Something for Nothing Ronnie Sternberg & Dimitry Papkov
Was Ruth Brian Malone & Kirk Wollert
Feeders Rhonda Porrett
Support Staff Adrian Simmons
Come Back You to Mandalay Fred Warren
Abyss J. E. Taylor
Supplicant Sharon Kae Reamer
Youthanasia Loretta Giacoletto
The Music on the Wind Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 13/40 - Fall, 2010

Surprise Package Kurt Heinrich Hyatt
Resurrected Roi R. Czechvala
Love As You Find It Margaret Karmazin
Forget Amy Laurens
Wolf's Bane Rebecca M. Senese
Shifters Chip R. Yde
Lover's Quarrel Kelley Christensen
DO NOT READ J. E. Deegan
The Writer's Toolkit: Continuing the Conversation Danielle Ackley-McPhail
The Music on the Wind Ty Drago


ALLEGORY - Volume 14/41 - Winter, 2011

Foreseeing is Believing Gregory E. Clifford
The American Nightmare Chris Dean
Scratch Paper Sara K. Ellis
One More Tuesday Milo James Fowler
No Talent Needed Clyde Wolfe
Soul Mate Shelly Li
Backwater Blood T.D. Lively
The Turning Mathew Acheson
The Writer's Toolkit: Wrapping Up the Conversation Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Adventures in Modern Torchbearing:
An Interview with Hildy Silverman of Space and Time

Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 15/42 - Spring/Summer, 2011

Chet McKenzie and the Moment of Truth Meredith Galman
The Urn John Barnes
The Possiblity of Flat Sea Ghosts P.F. White
Skinny Jeans of the Zombie Apocalypse Nicole Duson
The Manipulator Chris Stageman
The Underbelly Danielle Abramsohn
Pearl Stephanie Charette
Preying for Help John Tremblay
The Writer's Toolkit: Profiling for Writers Danielle Ackley-McPhail

About the Cover:
What follows is a completely insincere apology from the publisher of Allegory

Ty Drago


ALLEGORY - Volume 16/43 - Fall, 2011

A Fine Southern Tradition Michelle D. Sonnier
Lake Effect William Ledbetter
Working It Out Sylvia Hivén
Long Road Back PJ McCormick
Eden Robert Martin
Locked In Max Keane
Serial Dater Rick Nordgren
Tricks of the Scarecrow Trade Tony Pea
The Writer's Toolkit: Give Me A Break Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Requim for a Dream

Ty Drago


ALLEGORY - Volume 17/44 - Winter, 2012

Automatic Headspin Tim Lambert
Terrible Lizard King Nathaniel Lee
Puppet Princess Laura DeHann
Thrice Times Torn Jonathan Fortin
Babyhead Aliya Whiteley
Bladder 54 Baleigh McWade
Neeta Lyffe and the Best Career Day Ever Karina Fabian
Death and the Blue Blood Blues Katie Herron
The Writer's Toolkit: Formatting Danielle Ackley-McPhail


ALLEGORY - Volume 18/45 - Spring/Summer, 2012

Jagged Smiles Brian Howe
Dognabbit Vincent van der Zee
Hook Brett Riley
Code Red George Piper
The Death Bump Tim H. McEnroe
Repairing Walls John Zaharick
The Tin City Good Deal Kurt H. Hyatt
Smoke and Mirrors Kenneth C. Goldman
The Writer's Toolkit: No Longer the Path Less Travelled Danielle Ackley-McPhail


ALLEGORY - Volume 19/46 - Fall, 2012

Job Hunting Diana Părpăriţă
Manifest Destiny James M. Hines
Eighty Feet Deep Kevin Doyle
Transfer Kevin D. Rogers
Werld-Bilding Eric Del Carlo
The Man of Many Tongues Jake Waters
The Mechanic's Darling Elizabeth Twist
The Writer's Toolkit: Putting On Your Virtual Game Face Danielle Ackley-McPhail

ALLEGORY - Volume 20/47 - Winter, 2012

The Boy Norm Hendricks
West Gate Mitchell Edgeworth
Wishful Thinking Kristen Winiarski
Omen KJ Medico
The Kiss Graham Connors
Found Jean Davis
Brownie Bites Melinda Moore
The Bus Will Self-Destruct Wayne Helge
The Writer's Toolkit: Serial Tendencies Danielle Ackley-McPhail

ALLEGORY - Volume 21/48 - Spring, 2013

The Kingdom of Grey Davin Ireland
Saving Face Thomas Canfield
A Place to Breathe Joshua D. Moyes
That Goldurned Hole Gary Cuba
Dining with the Devil Arthur Davis
Drugleggers Run Kurt Heinrich Hyatt
Revolver Concert Spencer Carvalho
Flight Adele Elliot
The Writer's Toolkit: Jerking Tears and Tugging Heartstrings Danielle Ackley-McPhail

ALLEGORY - Volume 22/49 - Fall, 2013

Graveyard Love Wendy C. Williford
How I Became a Murderer Django Mattijsen
Ben's Moonshine Jennifer R. Povey
Dead Meat C.I. Kemp
Body Bag Eric Bonholzer
Firefly Evan Mallon
The Porch Kevin Dooyle
Marigolds Gavin Broom
Book Expo America '13: The Good and the Sad Ty Drago


ALLEGORY - Volume 23/50 - Winter, 2014

The White Plague William R.A.D. Funk
Undead White Women William F. Wu
Last Requests Lindsay Duncan
Oogie Tucker's Mission Gary Cuba
The Second Law Jordan Legg
The Night Before John Barnes
The Value of Silence Frederick Obermeyer
Springtime Raid Pierre Pelot
50 Issues of Allegory Ty Drago

ALLEGORY - Volume 24/51 - Spring, 2014

Centaur Melissa Crandall
Broken Glass Skeeter Enright
The Isomorphosis James Hanson
Acting R. Rozakis
The Pepsi-Cola Crater 708-Hour Visitor Center and Gift Shop Megan Fahey
Ain't Human Laura DeHaan
Secret of the Sun Don Katnik
Meteorology for Beginners Simon Kewin
The Writer's Toolbox: Laundry Lists and Info Dumps Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Cracking the Code James A. Miller

ALLEGORY - Volume 25/52 - Fall, 2014

Saturn Conjunct Paul Magnan
The Save Nicole Robb
A Suitable Match N.E. White
The Bear with the Quantum Heart Renee Carter Hall
One Last Spell Aeryn Rudel
The Face of Heaven David Kavanaugh
Last Game of the Day Emilie Collyer
Cruel Jordan Legg
Cracking Critique Groups Jodi Thompson


ALLEGORY - Volume 26/53 - Winter, 2015

Giants Jordan Legg
So She Danced Wayne Faust
Familial Creatures Hall Jameson
The Barn William Jones
The Poison Pawn Nicholas M. Bugden
The Dead Woman Adrian Lilly
A Taste for Adventure Wendy Hammer
Heavy David Gillespie

ALLEGORY - Volume 27/54 - Spring, 2015

A Blue Blood Lady Gwendolyn Kiste
Sapience and the Maternal Instinct Krystal Claxon
Perusa Among the Stars Michael Haynes
The Devil's Breath Ian Douglas
The Czech is in the Mail Christopher J. Ferguson
Odyne S.L. Gilbow
Black Mark on the Soul Sarine Dorie
A Very Dynamic Field Deepak Bharathan
Fast Food Fish Fatale Jason Feingold
Just Around the Corner Alexei Collier
Dust Preston Dennett
La Noche de la Muertos Donald Jacob Utivlugt


ALLEGORY - Volume 28/55 - Fall, 2015

Last Train for Dasha L.A. Little
Following Shadows Aryan Bollinger
Earbuds Sheila Johnson
Billy Starbuck Robert Walton
No S.L.A.M. Maps for These Territories Will Gwaun
Two Thumbs Up K.S. Shoen
What About My Humanity? Igor Ljubuncic
Princess or Poison James Aquilone
The Sweetheart of Ulster Frank Aversa
Specialty of the House Kurt Heinrich Hyatt
Act of Contrition Nina Shepardson
After C.L. Holland

ALLEGORY - Volume 29/56 - Spring/Summer, 2016

Deathdate Tom Howard
Thusia Zakiya Jamal
Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Deborah Sheldon
Guilty Tom Vaine
Checkout David Snyder
Andi's Birthday Lisa Timpf
The Closet William Quincy Belle
How to Hear the Desert and Other Lessons I Learned Chase Wynn
The Queue William Squirrell
A Tree Grows in Hell Michael Owens
The Caretaker Derrick Boden
Blitzen Sarah Allen


ALLEGORY - Volume 30/57 - Fall, 2016

A Haunting in a Taste of Gray Daniel Roy
Clank Leah R. Pugh
Song of the Siren Ian DiFabio
Witch Trails Joyce Reynolds-Ward
Gone Arthur Davis
Surprise Me Andrew Knighton
Thespian Kyle A. Massa
A Three-Percent Chance He'll Never Know I Lied Jude-Marie Green
A Knight Most Valiant Laura Stephenson
Chroni Saturna Willem Myra
The Right Choice Nicola Lombardi (trans by J. Weintraub)
The Agreemen at Clivemore Regional Hospital David Draper



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