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  "Just a Silly Robot"
      by Igor Ljubuncic

  "The New Curse of the Monkey Fountain"
      by Martha A. Hood

       by Johnny Caputo

  "The Dell"
Jarred Martin

Alex Rezdan

      by Anna Hennessey

  "No One Dies in the End"
      by Brian Hedge

  "The Lure "
      by Chantal Boudreau

  "Damn Demon "
      by Dakota Hommes

  "The Secret of the Maygores"
      Matt Fuchs

  "The Barter"
      by Edgar Adams
  "#YOLO Emerson"
      by J.G. Formato

  "Short Story: "Jaume and the Dragons"
      by Terek Hopkins

  "Novel Preview: BROKEN CHORDS"
      by Jessica Bayliss

      by Ty Drago

  "Novelette Preview: THE WRITING
      by Kelly Ferjutz

  "Novel Preview: CRYSTAL ILLUSIONS"
      by J.E. Taylor

  "Novel Preview: THAT ROOM AT
      by Kelly Ferjutz


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One of the most important marketing tools that any writer can utilize in the long and often frustrated effort to earn first publication and then sales is a good website

This take many forms, from traditional showcases of an author's work, to online journals (blogs), to ... well ... online magazines.

Ahem. (Nervous chuckle)

In any case, this page is dedicated to those writers who've had the wisdom, dedication and saavy to create an online billboard of their artistic efforts.

Please ... check out each and everyone of them.


Kelly Ferjutz's Blog
(Allegory Staff Member &
resident Book Mechanic!)

So you want to write a book?
Really? Well, you’re hardly alone in that endeavor. Nearly every one wants to write a book. Correction. Actually, nearly everyone wants to have written a book. The problem is, it’s hard work! It’s discouraging and disheartening, and it takes a long time! And then, after you’ve sweated blood over it, nobody else in the whole wide world loves it as much as you do! Arrgghh.

(Listed alphabetically
by last name)

Carolyn Burns Bass

Carolyn's Blog
"Carolyn Burns Bass is an author and creative communications consultant. Her novel, THE NEXUS, is currently under submission for publication, represented
by Nephele Tempest of The Knight Agency. WHISPERING NIGHTS, a new novel is currently underway."

Word Art Solutions
If writing is a journey, fiction is my
avenue of adventure. Where else can one meet Knights Templar, explore medieval spirituality, and create landscapes of thought?
--Carolyn Burns Bass

B.K. Birch
"B.K. has composed several
pieces of poetry and completed one
historical fiction novel as well as
series of short stories - most set in
rural Appalachia and the South."

Lisa Burton
"I was born and have lived in Ohio
most of my life. At the age of 33
I finally decided what I wanted to
do with my life. I wanted to write
and have people enjoy my stories."

Eileen Cruz Coleman
"My prose has appeared in Rosebud Magazine, The Saint Ann’s Review,
In Posse Review, Sundry: A Journal
of the Arts, Quality Women’s Fiction Magazine, Thought Magazine, Small
Spiral Notebook and others."

Kelly Ferjutz
"I love to read. I always have, for a bit more than 65 years, now. That’s scary! I still have the first book I was given - a biography of the eminent Austrian composer Franz Josef Haydn. Perhaps that contributed to my love for both words and music."

Mike Fincher
"Mike Fincher is an aspiring writer living in San Diego. He enjoys reading science fiction, some fantasy, mystery, crime, history, alternate history and several other types of books. Look for Mike's upcoming novels and short stories!"

Mike James Fowler
"Teacher by day, writer by night, married to the love of my life. Thanks be to God."

Sara Gruen
"I was born and raised in Canada,
and moved to the states five years
ago. Two years later, I began writing
fiction full-time. RIDING LESSONS
is my first novel."

Fran Jacobs
"The Shadow Seer chronicles the life of Candale, the foretold prophet of dark visions and fallen kingdoms, and his struggle to hold onto the life that he knows as his dark gifts begin to awaken ...."

Jackie Kessler
"Jackie Kessler's ramblings, musings, and other ings--usually before she's had her coffee, so be warned ..."

J.A. Konrath
"In 2003 I signed a three book
deal with Hyperion for the Lt. Jacqueline 'Jack' Daniels thriller series. I'm living proof that talent has very little to do with success."

M.J. Pearson
"A former archaeologist with a life-long
love of the past, writing historical
fiction comes naturally to M.J. Pearson. A second gay romance, also set during the Regency Era, is already well under way."

Lynn Sinclair
Writing--my journal, poems and
stories--has always been a great
outlet. It's exciting to explore the
less-traveled paths of one's mind. Scary sometimes but always worth the fare.


Michele C. Long
A friend invited me to her Torah study
group last year and during Passover I realized that I was a Jewish soul all
along. When I became a Jew, I took the name “Simcha (Joy)” as my new Jewish Name. My writings in my book “Visions” reflect aspects of the Jewish faith long
before I knew that there was a connection.


Pat Mullan
Pull up a chair and stay a while. I write thrillers and poetry. Perfectly compatible genres, in case you wondered. Poetry
hones the mind and the skill, as well as providing a respite from the intense commitment I make when I'm in
the midst of a thriller.


... is an author whose works explore
esoteric philosophy through subjects
ranging from mythology and occultism to alternative history and secret societies.
His stories offer a blend of mythology
and history - inspired by the world's
treasure of occult legends ....


Kelli Wilkins
The site contains information about all my writings (in romance, horror, and non-fiction) and contains links to interviews, reviews, and places to order my books.


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